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Few bathroom storage options are more convenient than a medicine cabinet. In addition to providing ample storage space for many of your toiletries, the inclusion of a mirrored surface will make it that much easier to get ready in the morning.

Of course, not all medicine cabinets are created equal, and new innovations in technology and manufacturing are resulting in updated models that deliver better looks and performance than ever before.

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with choosing a medicine cabinet from DecaDom. Here is a closer look at the exciting range of products offered by this innovative brand.

The DecaDom Difference

DecaDom medicine cabinets are ETL certified and designed with luxury features and a distinctive style that blend seamlessly with any bathroom setup. All DecaDom medicine cabinets use a high-end premium
finish and host of user-friendly features to provide a product that looks and performs great.

These medicine cabinets are more accurately described as LED mirror cabinets, because each model features LED task lighting that can be used to further streamline your morning routine.

Despite the many tech features included in these modern medicine cabinets, you won’t have to worry about damp, humid conditions causing problems. Each cabinet is IP44 and IP65.4 rated, meaning that the cabinets are protected from dust ingress, low pressure water jets, and water spray. They are perfectly equipped for continual bathroom use.

Better still, DecaDom medicine cabinets are designed for easy installation, whether you prefer a recessed or surface mount. This will lower your installation costs, and depending on your level of handyman expertise, you may even be able to install the cabinet almost completely on your own. Each model comes with a mount install hardware kit, so you will have everything you need to get started with the installation right away.

Unlike other medicine cabinet brands, you don’t have to pick and choose which features you get when buying a DecaDom product. Each of the features mentioned above — from a touch-screen defogger to USB outlets — is included in every DecaDom medicine cabinet. Better still, each of these bathroom products is backed by a two-year warranty so you can have confidence in your purchase. DecaDom cabinets don’t just look good. They are also built to last.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about which features you want the most from a modern medicine cabinet when buying from DecaDom. Instead, you can focus on the fundamentals — namely, which size medicine cabinet will be the best fit for your bathroom.

With this in mind, you will want to consider two primary factors: how much additional storage space you need, and how much wall space is available in your bathroom for a new medicine cabinet.

One good rule of thumb is to use your current medicine cabinet for a sizing guideline (if available). Take the measurements of your current cabinet to better understand how its dimensions compare with the options available from DecaDom. Be mindful of why you want to replace your current medicine cabinet — is it outdated, or is it not big enough for your bathroom storage needs?

If you don’t plan on simply replacing an existing medicine cabinet, you will need to measure out the dimensions of your desired cabinet along your wall, penciling in the area where you think it would be a good fit. Remember, most home improvement professionals recommend that the top of the medicine cabinet be approximately 72 to 75 inches above the floor.

If your DecaDom purchase will be the first time you install a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, you must be aware of any obstructions behind the wall, as this could impact your ability to install a recessed cabinet. The presence of plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, or even a load-bearing stud could prevent the installation of a cabinet in certain locations or require extensive re-routing of utilities behind your wall.

Such considerations won’t be an issue if you are planning to surface mount your new medicine cabinet, but once again, you should be mindful of how this installation will affect your bathroom space. With a depth of five inches, surface mounted DecaDom cabinets will protrude from the wall, which could make a smaller space feel more crowded. You could always refer to professionally done Decadom manual instructions.

If your available bathroom space allows for several different sizing options, you should consider how much you plan to store in the medicine cabinet on a daily basis. While a smaller 24-inch width model could be perfect for a guest bathroom, you would likely want a larger model for a master suite shared by you and your spouse. When in doubt, it’s better to go larger — this way, you won’t have to worry about running out of space later on.

DECADOM is all about introducing new products that are driven by innovative technologies, our true and unique ability is recognizing the significant achievements of the past and that is the essence of which we are today; we are all about building products that shape your future.

Since the bath has increasingly become the measure of luxury in a home, we strived to create led medicine cabinet that shines with unique and creative qualities far ahead of others. Feeling of luxury that eliminates from a beautiful bathroom can radiate well beyond the walls of the bath and throughout your home. Bathroom is a place where one can escape and enjoy complete relaxation, and we will aim to satisfy this goal. We are a company that continues to flourish and come up with new beautiful bathroom product designs for our customers.That's why Decadom manufactures only the finest high-end products, to bring you perfection in our led mirror cabinets as well as other products.

Our warehouse is based out of NYC and ready to ship to anywhere in the USA & CANADA.

Customer service is our top priority and is virtually unmatched in the industry. We are dedicated to provide our customers with long-term value in every product they purchase. In search of excellence, Decadom will always be interested in two things: the quality of each product and the service provided to each customer.

DECADOM is a brand that is synonymous with luxury and style, and will continue to work in order to keep that status. Rest assured that when you purchase DECADOM product, you are the proud owner of a world class LED mirror cabinet from a company that stands behind its product.