Trade Wars & Your Bathroom Remodels — Why Now is the Time to Buy a Bathroom Vanity

While stories of trade wars and tariffs have been dominating the news recently, many consumers struggle to understand just how these actions will affect their daily lives. Yet one recent analysis has determined that the United States’s latest tariffs on China, and the resulting retaliatory tariffs could cost the average American family $490.

The latest tariffs affect a wide range of products, including foods, industrial items, and even everyday electronics like TVs and vacuum cleaners.

So why is this news getting coverage on a site that sells kitchen and bath products? Because the new tariffs will also influence the prices of bathroom vanities, many of which are manufactured in China or use materials sourced from China. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel in the near future, these tariffs could cause your expected expenses to increase by much more than the average family will experience.

Price-Raising Factors

In the most basic sense, a tariff is a type of tax or fee that is placed on products when they are imported to a country. Because the taxes undercut the profitability of the imported goods, the sellers will often be forced to raise their prices. Higher prices will naturally make the product less appealing to many customers. The idea is that a tariff will encourage more people to buy products that are made domestically. 

While the new tariffs against Chinese products are designed to promote American-made brands, this isn’t the only political issue currently impacting the bathroom vanity market. China has also recently been accused of “trade dumping” — an international trade term that describes a process in which a country exports its own products at a far lower price than it offers to consumers in its home country. In this case, the goal is to increase the reach of the brand overseas.

Though trade dumping is technically legal in many parts of the world, it can cause serious economic consequences. Perhaps most notable is the fact that manufacturers in the country receiving the exports are hurt by the lower prices of the foreign products. This can actually cause these companies to go out of business as they are unable to maintain profitability as they try to keep up with the exports.

Prior to the latest round of tariffs, the U.S. Commerce Department had already imposed a duty on Chinese bathroom vanities. This stems from findings that the U.S. imported $4.4 billion of bathroom vanities, wood cabinets, and their manufacturing materials in 2018 alone. Though this gave consumers lower prices, it also made it harder for many American-based manufacturers to compete in the market.

Though the investigation is still ongoing regarding allegations of China’s trade dumping, chances are good that Chinese manufacturers will be found to be in violation of the United States’s anti-dumping regulations. 

So what does all this mean for the average consumer? The combination of tariffs and anti-dumping duties could ultimately cause prices for bathroom vanities and other related products to increase by as much as 300 to 400 percent. In other words, if you were planning to buy a bathroom vanity priced at $1,000, its price could soon increase to $3,000 or even $4,000.

Remember, these price changes wouldn’t just affect bathroom vanities that are produced in China. Many vanities that are assembled in the United States are built from materials sourced from China. These raw materials will also be affected by the new tariffs and duty fees, which will require many domestic manufacturers to raise their prices as well as the costs of their raw materials increase.

Don’t Wait to Renovate!

While it’s hard to predict with certainty what will happen with the ongoing tariff battle between the U.S. and China, it appears quite likely that prices for many products will rise in the near future. If you are currently in the midst of planning a bathroom renovation, you should act fast while prices are still relatively low. Now will likely be the best time to buy a bathroom vanity before ALL manufacturers substantially increase their prices.

So which bathroom vanity brands should you consider for your next set of renovations? Here at Kitchen & Bath Authority, we have you covered with a great selection of high-quality brands that offer distinctive styles for every type of bathroom. The following are some of our most popular brands, covering a wide range of decor styles.


If you’re looking for a traditional-style bathroom vanity, you can’t go wrong with Stufurhome. These vanities combine traditional elegance with modern sensibilities to create stylish, yet highly functional furniture-style bathroom vanities.

It’s the little details that make the biggest difference. Stufurhome products feature hand carved moldings, your choice of antique bronze or brushed nickel hardware, and a gorgeous marble countertop. Cabinets range in width from 22 to 72 inches, offering both single and double sink designs to better accommodate the unique needs of your bathroom.

Hand-carved design elements and hand-painted finishes give Stufurhome vanities a truly luxurious feel. From the molded accents that give a vintage farm house style to the Stufurhome HD-1527W-48-CR Annabelle 48 Inch White Single Sink Bathroom Vanity to the dramatic resin patterns of the Stufurhome GM-3323-48-TR 48 Inch Saturn Single Sink Vanity With Travertine Marble Top, each piece showcases a high level of craftsmanship. Rustic and antique styles create a truly timeless look for each piece.

Storage space is another key attribute of Stufurhome bathroom vanities. Expansive personal storage options can be found in each vanity, with double doors and slow-close drawers being ideally suited for organizing your bathroom essentials. Even the small Stufurhome GM-2211-23-TR 23 Inch Edwina Single Sink Vanity With Travertine Marble Top provides more storage space than you’d expect, with a set of double doors that provides plenty of room for toiletries.

Each of these free-standing bathroom vanities is also designed with ease of installation in mind. All Stufurhome vanities have a large cutout in the back for simplified plumbing installation. Whether you are installing new plumbing or connecting your vanity to pre-existing pipes, you won’t have to stress about whether the placement of your pipes will negatively affect the placement of your vanity.

While Stufurhome vanities do not come with a faucet, they do feature predrilled faucet holes to facilitate the installation of the faucet of your choice. The sink basins are already in place — it’s up to you to find the faucet that best meets your needs and design preferences. Though this may add an extra step to the installation, it also provides the distinct benefit of allowing you to further customize your vanity.

To give you further peace of mind, all Stufurhome bathroom vanities are backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This way, you can have confidence that you will receive a high-quality bathroom vanity product that gives a touch of elegance to your home.


If you’re looking for a great selection of contemporary free-standing bathroom vanities, Bosconi is a great brand to start with. With an emphasis on using high-quality materials such as marble, granite, and tempered glass, Bosconi products don’t just look great — they are also designed to stand the test of time. 

Bosconi even exclusively uses CARB PH2 certified products, a standard that ensures compliance with California’s strictest regulations regarding emissions of the carcinogen formaldehyde. This compliance ensures that your bathroom vanities don’t contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality, which can cause throat irritation, trouble breathing, headaches, and other harmful side effects.

Bosconi products are also compliant with other health and environmentally-minded measures, such as low lead use, water efficiency, and cUPC certification.

While this background should certainly play a role in helping you find a bathroom vanity, what will matter most on a day to day basis is whether the products look and perform great. 

One great aspect of the Bosconi brand is that you can buy as much or as little as you need to get the desired results for your bathroom. For example, the Bosconi AB130BWLPS1S 42 Inch Single Vanity Set in Expresso comes complete with a base cabinet, ceramic vessel sink, a vertically mounted mirror, and even a detached side cabinet. However, you could buy the Bosconi A-B-30MC 30 Inch Vanity Base Cabinet in Expresso as a standalone item to give your bathroom a little extra storage space without making as big of an investment.

Bosconi bathroom vanities incorporate several aspects of contemporary design to help you create a distinguished modern look for your bathroom, no matter which Bosconi product you choose. For example, the Bosconi AGR130EWGU1S 42 Inch Single Vanity Set in Gray utilizes a tempered glass countertop with an under-mounted ceramic sink. Opaque glass windows on two of the doors further emphasize this contemporary look. If you don’t like under-mounted sinks, near-identical models are also available with a ceramic vessel sink that sits atop the glass countertop.

Sinks and faucets are included with most Bosconi models, allowing for a more streamlined installation, though Bosconi faucets are also available separately. As with other top bathroom vanity brands, Bosconi aims to provide a wide array of options to fit the needs of most any bathroom. From the exquisitely spacious Bosconi AW230CMU2S 84 Inch Double Vanity Set in White to the smaller-scale Bosconi SB-250-1WHMC 29 Inch Main Cabinet in White, this brand has something to offer for bathrooms of all sizes.


Another popular contemporary bathroom vanity brand, KubeBath has made a name for itself with its unique cube-shaped vanities. Available in both free-standing and wall-mounted varieties, these formaldehyde-free products are moisture and waterproof to ensure that their style will endure many years of bathroom use.

The unique wood veneers used for KubeBath vanities pair perfectly with the available reinforced acrylic composite and quartz countertops, while also giving homeowners a wider selection for colors and finishes. For example, the KubeBath BSL60D-GO Bliss 60 Inch Double Sink Gray Oak Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity features a distinctive dark gray hue that you won’t find elsewhere. Those who prefer a more natural look will love the natural wood tones of the KubeBath BSL80D-NW Bliss 80 Inch Double Sink Nature Wood Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity.

Of course, KubeBath products aren’t limited to the distinctive cube-shaped vanities that lend the brand its name. Other modern vanity styles are also available, such as the KubeBath E36-GW Eiffel 36 Inch High Gloss White Vanity With Quartz Counter Top. Drawing design inspiration from the art deco movement, the white lacquer paint finish helps create a trendy look for this piece that is closer in appearance to other modern bathroom vanities.

If you wish to further modernize your bathroom, KubeBath even offers stainless steel console sinks, which feature an attractive shelf space instead of standard pull-out drawers. Options such as the KubeBath AC30 Cisco 30 Inch Stainless Steel Console With White Acrylic Sink in Chrome are ideally suited for a guest bathroom where you wish to make an impression.

KubeBath vanities don’t just offer a unique look. They are built to last just as well (if not better) than more traditional bathroom vanities. They feature fully-functional drawers with soft-closing hardware to ensure hassle-free use each and every day. An open back that allows for integration with your plumbing and the inclusion of all necessary installation hardware makes it easy to complete installation work. KubeBath products are also backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty to give you peace of mind regarding potential defects.

Similar to Stufurhome, KubeBath vanities do not include a faucet, but they do come with an integrated sink that features predrilled faucet holes that make it easy for you to install the model of your choice. KubeBath also produces a wide range of sink faucets, mirrors, and other accessories that would pair perfectly with your new bathroom vanity.

Which Brand is Best For You?

As with any bathroom design decision, determining which of these bathroom vanity brands is the best fit for your needs ultimately comes down to a matter of taste. If you prefer something more traditional, you will find plenty of great options with Stufurhome. If you are looking for a modern, contemporary look, both Bosconi and KubeBath have hundreds of unique designs to choose from.

When making your decision, consider how your new bathroom vanity will look in comparison to the rest of the room. For best results, try to cultivate a design where each element of the bathroom — such as the vanity, shower/tub area, and so on — works together to create a unified look. 

A mishmash of styles may seem funky and fun, but it likely won’t turn out as good as you’d like. If you plan on selling your home in the future, a more cohesive bathroom design will be far more likely to increase your property value and generate a sound return on investment. 

Though selecting a bathroom vanity brand can be difficult, when you buy from Kitchen & Bath Authority, you won’t have to worry about whether or not these bathroom vanities will provide the level of quality you need. We thoroughly research each bathroom vanity brand that we partner with to ensure that we only sell high-quality products that look and perform great. This way, you can focus your search on the things that are important to you, rather than worry about whether a vanity will provide adequate durability and functionality.

Of course, you will also need to account for the dimensions of your bathroom and your total budget for bathroom renovations. Double-check all measurements to ensure that you have enough space for your preferred vanity. When budgeting, account for all other renovations that are part of your bathroom upgrade to ensure you have enough money for all the changes you wish to make. Then, simply use our straightforward search navigation tools to adjust your search for the products that will best fit your needs.

Parting Thoughts

There’s no telling how the market will change from day to day. However, recent events with tariffs and anti-dumping violations make it clear that prices for bathroom vanities and other products will likely rise significantly in the weeks and months to come. 

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, don’t wait. Order the products you need to create your dream bathroom now so that you won’t have to pay higher prices later. You could very easily save thousands of dollars by making your purchase before the full impact of the latest tariffs begins to affect the marketplace.

Here at Kitchen & Bath Authority, we are dedicated to providing bathroom vanities and other products from top-rated manufacturers at the best possible prices. Combined with free shipping and generous financing plans, we are committed to helping you get the products you need to build a dream bathroom at a price you can afford. Place your order today so you don’t have to worry about whether tomorrow’s headlines will put a bathroom upgrade out of your budget!

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