Medicine Cabinets

Are you looking to improve the comfort and aesthetic of your bathroom? Robern medicine cabinets are some of the most popular bathroom enhancements on the market due to their durability, design, and convenience.
Robern is a trusted brand in bathroom medicine cabinets because they have been around since 1969, offering quality and reliable products that last for years. These products provide excellent storage and organization solutions, and they also boost the overall appeal of any bathroom.
At Kitchen & Bath Authority, we offer an expansive selection of medicine cabinets from Robern’s most popular series. Find the perfect Robern cabinet for your bathroom, below.


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Where are Robern Vanities Made?

Most of Robern’s products are proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled right here in the United States using American-made parts and craftsmanship. In fact, the company has been operating out of Bristol, Pennsylvania since 1968!

Founders Rosa and Bernie set out to innovate the industry, and the brand quickly became known for their sophisticated yet functional designs. Their long history of engineering excellence is reflected in the superior quality and attention to detail in each cabinet they produce.

What are Robern Medicine Cabinets Made Of?

Medicine cabinets from Robern feature anodized aluminum and superior-quality glass construction for superior strength and durability. Better still, these materials resist the damage caused by dust and moisture to maximize lifespan.

The anodized aluminum framing provides extra rigidity to prevent warping or bending over time. In addition, the SAFESEAL gasket frame prevents moisture from reaching the inside of the cabinet.

What are Standard Robern Medicine Cabinet Sizes?

Robern cabinets vary in sizes to accommodate any bathroom and any decor. They range from 11 inches to 48 inches in width and from 20 inches to 72 inches in height.

This provides you with abundant options for finding the perfect complement for your home. You can find tall and slender mirrors, short and wide mirrors, or even a trio of elegant cabinets for a “wide screen” perspective.

Why is Robern a Trusted Brand in Bathroom Medicine Cabinets?

Robern earned a reputation as one of the best brands in bathroom medicine cabinets today. Their cabinets come with high-end features like concealed hinges, adjustable shelves, beveled mirror doors, integrated electricity and USB, and even electronic mirror defoggers.

Plus, you can rest assured knowing that each product is crafted using top-grade materials for exceptional longevity and performance throughout its use.

Robern Luxury Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Robern offers many diverse lines of medicine cabinets, each with its own appeal. Three of their most popular series are the Robern AiO, M Series, and Portray lines.

Each Robern series offers something unique, so take the time to determine which one is right for you based on your specific needs and preferences. All three lines come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs perfectly!

Robern AiO Medicine Cabinets

The Robern AiO Series is a great option for those looking for a versatile cabinet with plenty of storage. This Robern Vitality Lighted Medicine Cabinet, for example, boasts ease of installation and superior quality of lighting for an effortless enhancement for any space.

It features built-in LED lighting, making it easy to find what you need inside the cabinet. With a lighting dimmer, adjustable shelves, and a mirrored interior, you can personalize your cabinet to suit your needs.

Robern M Series Medicine Cabinets

The Robern M Series provides homeowners with a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. This collection of cabinets feature sleek, modern designs that can easily fit into any bathroom setting.

The M Series offers a variety of door configurations, including left- or right-hinged doors, as well as a sliding barn door option. All models also come with adjustable shelves to maximize storage space and convenience.

One of the most popular options in this series is the Robern M Series 19-Inch Flat Mirror Cabinet. This cabinet provides ample storage while offering your choice of recessed, semi-recessed, and surface installation for optimal placement.

Robern Portray Medicine Cabinets

The Robern Portray Series is the perfect solution for modern homeowners who want an elegant and functional bathroom medicine cabinet. These contemporary cabinets feature a sleek design that integrates seamlessly into any home decor.

With a wide array of sizes, styles, and colors available, these cabinets can be customized to fit any individual’s unique needs. One of the best features of the Robern PL Portray Series is its advanced lighting technology. Several models come with built-in LED lights which are energy efficient and provide ample illumination when needed.

Enhance Your Bathroom with Robern Medicine Cabinets from KB+A

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