TOTO is dedicated to delivering the highest quality toilets that offer not only stylish designs but also efficiency and easy maintenance. TOTO's toilets are created using the latest technology, ensuring long-lasting durability.
TOTO recognizes the value of your time, and that's why our toilets are designed to be effortless to clean and maintain. With our innovative flushing systems, every flush is powerful and thorough, resulting in a clean and hygienic toilet bowl.
At Kitchen & Bath Authority, we offer an expansive selection of TOTO Toilets. Available in a broad range of colors and styles, TOTO  toilets are perfect for complementing any bathroom decor. When you upgrade to TOTO, you can be confident that you are investing in a toilet that will exceed your expectations in performance and style.


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What is Special About a TOTO Toilet?

TOTO Toilets are one of the most popular brands on the market, and for good reason. They offer many features that make your bathroom visit feel more relaxing and less like a chore.

For example, you can find TOTO Toilets with adjustable water pressure, heated seats, and an automatic lid. Additionally, you can customize the bowl and tank type, profile, height, finish, and even flush type.

In other words, what makes this brand so special is that your toilet feels like it is your toilet. If you’ve ever referred to your toilet as a “throne,” then you deserve a TOTO Toilet.

Is TOTO Toilets a Good Brand?

Yes! The TOTO Toilets brand dates back to 1917, when they first started producing ceramic sanitary ware. Since then, they have continued to innovate the industry by expanding their catalog and introducing advanced features.

After the 2nd World War, they started manufacturing faucets and metal fittings, for example. And in 1980, they released the Washlet for next-level comfort and cleanliness.

All TOTO products are designed in Japan and manufactured with attention to detail and commitment to quality. In summary, TOTO Toilets is one of the most trusted brands on the market.

Are TOTO Toilets High-End?

Yes, TOTO toilets are indeed high-end. Here’s why:

  1. TOTO Toilets is a well-respected brand with a long history of producing quality products.
  2. They offer a wide range of features and advanced technologies that make them more user-friendly than ever before, such as automatic flushing, hands-free operation, and ultra-quiet performance.
  3. TOTO Toilets may be some of the most efficient models on the market. They use less water than traditional toilets, which can save you money on your monthly water bill.
  4. They’re made with high-quality materials and construction techniques. They are built to last, and will provide you with years of reliable service.
  5. They feature several design options that enable you to customize nearly every detail.
  6. They’re available in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your bathroom’s décor.
  7. They offer superior quality and performance that justify the price tag.

In What Country are TOTO Toilets Made?

TOTO is a Japanese company that has been in business since 1917. The company is headquartered in Kitakyushu, Japan and has over 40,000 employees worldwide.

TOTO Toilets are made in several countries, including China, Indonesia, and Thailand. They are known for their quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.

The company offers a wide range of toilet models to suit any bathroom décor or budget. Some of the most popular Toto toilet models include the Aquia, Connect+, Drake, EcoUltramax, Ultramax II, and VorMax.

TOTO Drake

This TOTO Drake Toilet is a high-end toilet that is one of TOTO’s most popular models. It’s a two-piece, elongated toilet that uses only 1.28 gallons-per-flush (GPF) and is offered in five captivating finishes for a sleek yet custom look.

Some of the features that consumers love about the Drake include its quiet operation, its efficient water usage, and the optional SoftClose seat. Best of all, TOTO’s proprietary CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze reduces articulate adhesion, which means a cleaner bowl and less cleaning.

Overall, the TOTO Drake is a high-quality toilet that is sure to please consumers. It’s perfect for those who are looking for an elegant and functional option for their home bathroom.

Find Your Perfect Throne Among the TOTO Toilets at KB+A

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