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Polished Chrome
Gun Metal
Polished Nickel
Satin Nickel
Polished Natural Brass
Antique Brass

Aged Nickel
Aged Brass
Elite Brass
Matte Black
Oil Rubbed Bronze

PVD Polished Brass
Rustica Brass
Satin Elite Brass
Satin PVD Brass
Vintage Brass

Vintage Copper
Green Patina
Polished Copper
Polished 24K Gold
Satin Bronze

Satin 24K Gold
Venice Handle
Genoa Handle
Pompeii Handle
Naples Handle

Tuscany Handle
Bologna Handle
Florence Handle
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Product details

Type Widespread
Theme Contemporary / Modern
Number Of Handles 2
Handle Style Knob / Lever
Number Of Faucet Holes 3
Installation Type Deck Mounted
Finish Blacks / Brass Tones / Bronze Tones / Chromes / Copper Tones / Gold Tones / Greys / Nickel Tones / Pewter / Whites
Collection Venetian
Overall Height 10.75
Spout Height 8.75
Spout Reach 5.38
Flow Rate 1.2
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180-2X-AA-PC Polished Chrome Venice Handle $1439.25
180-2X-BB-PC Polished Chrome Genoa Handle $1439.25
180-2X-CC-PC Polished Chrome Pompeii Handle $1439.25
180-2X-DD-PC Polished Chrome Naples Handle $1439.25
180-2X-T-PC Polished Chrome Tuscany Handle $1439.25
180-2X-U-PC Polished Chrome Bologna Handle $1439.25
180-2X-SWU-PC Polished Chrome Florence Handle $1439.25
180-2X-AA-GM Gun Metal Venice Handle $1583.25
180-2X-AA-PN Polished Nickel Venice Handle $1583.25
180-2X-AA-SN Satin Nickel Venice Handle $1583.25
180-2X-AA-UPB Polished Natural Brass Venice Handle $1583.25
180-2X-BB-GM Gun Metal Genoa Handle $1583.25
180-2X-BB-PN Polished Nickel Genoa Handle $1583.25
180-2X-BB-SN Satin Nickel Genoa Handle $1583.25
180-2X-BB-UPB Polished Natural Brass Genoa Handle $1583.25
180-2X-CC-GM Gun Metal Pompeii Handle $1583.25
180-2X-CC-PN Polished Nickel Pompeii Handle $1583.25
180-2X-CC-SN Satin Nickel Pompeii Handle $1583.25
180-2X-CC-UPB Polished Natural Brass Pompeii Handle $1583.25
180-2X-DD-GM Gun Metal Naples Handle $1583.25
180-2X-DD-PN Polished Nickel Naples Handle $1583.25
180-2X-DD-SN Satin Nickel Naples Handle $1583.25
180-2X-DD-UPB Polished Natural Brass Naples Handle $1583.25
180-2X-T-GM Gun Metal Tuscany Handle $1583.25
180-2X-T-PN Polished Nickel Tuscany Handle $1583.25
180-2X-T-SN Satin Nickel Tuscany Handle $1583.25
180-2X-T-UPB Polished Natural Brass Tuscany Handle $1583.25
180-2X-U-GM Gun Metal Bologna Handle $1583.25
180-2X-U-PN Polished Nickel Bologna Handle $1583.25
180-2X-U-SN Satin Nickel Bologna Handle $1583.25
180-2X-U-UPB Polished Natural Brass Bologna Handle $1583.25
180-2X-SWU-GM Gun Metal Florence Handle $1583.25
180-2X-SWU-PN Polished Nickel Florence Handle $1583.25
180-2X-SWU-SN Satin Nickel Florence Handle $1583.25
180-2X-SWU-UPB Polished Natural Brass Florence Handle $1583.25
180-2X-AA-AB Antique Brass Venice Handle $1821.00
180-2X-AA-AGN Aged Nickel Venice Handle $1821.00
180-2X-AA-APB Aged Brass Venice Handle $1821.00
180-2X-AA-EB Ebony Venice Handle $1821.00
180-2X-AA-EL Elite Brass Venice Handle $1821.00
180-2X-AA-MB Matte Black Venice Handle $1821.00
180-2X-AA-ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Venice Handle $1821.00
180-2X-BB-AB Antique Brass Genoa Handle $1821.00
180-2X-BB-AGN Aged Nickel Genoa Handle $1821.00
180-2X-BB-APB Aged Brass Genoa Handle $1821.00
180-2X-BB-EB Ebony Genoa Handle $1821.00
180-2X-BB-EL Elite Brass Genoa Handle $1821.00
180-2X-BB-MB Matte Black Genoa Handle $1821.00
180-2X-BB-ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Genoa Handle $1821.00
180-2X-CC-AB Antique Brass Pompeii Handle $1821.00
180-2X-CC-AGN Aged Nickel Pompeii Handle $1821.00
180-2X-CC-APB Aged Brass Pompeii Handle $1821.00
180-2X-CC-EB Ebony Pompeii Handle $1821.00
180-2X-CC-EL Elite Brass Pompeii Handle $1821.00
180-2X-CC-MB Matte Black Pompeii Handle $1821.00
180-2X-CC-ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Pompeii Handle $1821.00
180-2X-DD-AB Antique Brass Naples Handle $1821.00
180-2X-DD-AGN Aged Nickel Naples Handle $1821.00
180-2X-DD-APB Aged Brass Naples Handle $1821.00
180-2X-DD-EB Ebony Naples Handle $1821.00
180-2X-DD-EL Elite Brass Naples Handle $1821.00
180-2X-DD-MB Matte Black Naples Handle $1821.00
180-2X-DD-ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Naples Handle $1821.00
180-2X-T-AB Antique Brass Tuscany Handle $1821.00
180-2X-T-AGN Aged Nickel Tuscany Handle $1821.00
180-2X-T-APB Aged Brass Tuscany Handle $1821.00
180-2X-T-EB Ebony Tuscany Handle $1821.00
180-2X-T-EL Elite Brass Tuscany Handle $1821.00
180-2X-T-MB Matte Black Tuscany Handle $1821.00
180-2X-T-ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Tuscany Handle $1821.00
180-2X-U-AB Antique Brass Bologna Handle $1821.00
180-2X-U-AGN Aged Nickel Bologna Handle $1821.00
180-2X-U-APB Aged Brass Bologna Handle $1821.00
180-2X-U-EB Ebony Bologna Handle $1821.00
180-2X-U-EL Elite Brass Bologna Handle $1821.00
180-2X-U-MB Matte Black Bologna Handle $1821.00
180-2X-U-ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Bologna Handle $1821.00
180-2X-SWU-AB Antique Brass Florence Handle $1821.00
180-2X-SWU-AGN Aged Nickel Florence Handle $1821.00
180-2X-SWU-APB Aged Brass Florence Handle $1821.00
180-2X-SWU-EB Ebony Florence Handle $1821.00
180-2X-SWU-EL Elite Brass Florence Handle $1821.00
180-2X-SWU-MB Matte Black Florence Handle $1821.00
180-2X-SWU-ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Florence Handle $1821.00
180-2X-AA-PT Pewter Venice Handle $2002.50
180-2X-AA-PVD Pvd Polished Brass Venice Handle $2002.50
180-2X-AA-RB Rustica Brass Venice Handle $2002.50
180-2X-AA-SEL Satin Elite Brass Venice Handle $2002.50
180-2X-AA-SPVD Satin Pvd Brass Venice Handle $2002.50
180-2X-AA-VB Vintage Brass Venice Handle $2002.50
180-2X-AA-VNCO Vintage Copper Venice Handle $2002.50
180-2X-BB-PT Pewter Genoa Handle $2002.50
180-2X-BB-PVD Pvd Polished Brass Genoa Handle $2002.50
180-2X-BB-RB Rustica Brass Genoa Handle $2002.50
180-2X-BB-SEL Satin Elite Brass Genoa Handle $2002.50
180-2X-BB-SPVD Satin Pvd Brass Genoa Handle $2002.50
180-2X-BB-VB Vintage Brass Genoa Handle $2002.50
180-2X-BB-VNCO Vintage Copper Genoa Handle $2002.50
180-2X-CC-PT Pewter Pompeii Handle $2002.50
180-2X-CC-PVD Pvd Polished Brass Pompeii Handle $2002.50
180-2X-CC-RB Rustica Brass Pompeii Handle $2002.50
180-2X-CC-SEL Satin Elite Brass Pompeii Handle $2002.50
180-2X-CC-SPVD Satin Pvd Brass Pompeii Handle $2002.50
180-2X-CC-VB Vintage Brass Pompeii Handle $2002.50
180-2X-CC-VNCO Vintage Copper Pompeii Handle $2002.50
180-2X-DD-PT Pewter Naples Handle $2002.50
180-2X-DD-PVD Pvd Polished Brass Naples Handle $2002.50
180-2X-DD-RB Rustica Brass Naples Handle $2002.50
180-2X-DD-SEL Satin Elite Brass Naples Handle $2002.50
180-2X-DD-SPVD Satin Pvd Brass Naples Handle $2002.50
180-2X-DD-VB Vintage Brass Naples Handle $2002.50
180-2X-DD-VNCO Vintage Copper Naples Handle $2002.50
180-2X-T-PT Pewter Tuscany Handle $2002.50
180-2X-T-PVD Pvd Polished Brass Tuscany Handle $2002.50
180-2X-T-RB Rustica Brass Tuscany Handle $2002.50
180-2X-T-SEL Satin Elite Brass Tuscany Handle $2002.50
180-2X-T-SPVD Satin Pvd Brass Tuscany Handle $2002.50
180-2X-T-VB Vintage Brass Tuscany Handle $2002.50
180-2X-T-VNCO Vintage Copper Tuscany Handle $2002.50
180-2X-U-PT Pewter Bologna Handle $2002.50
180-2X-U-PVD Pvd Polished Brass Bologna Handle $2002.50
180-2X-U-RB Rustica Brass Bologna Handle $2002.50
180-2X-U-SEL Satin Elite Brass Bologna Handle $2002.50
180-2X-U-SPVD Satin Pvd Brass Bologna Handle $2002.50
180-2X-U-VB Vintage Brass Bologna Handle $2002.50
180-2X-U-VNCO Vintage Copper Bologna Handle $2002.50
180-2X-SWU-PT Pewter Florence Handle $2002.50
180-2X-SWU-PVD Pvd Polished Brass Florence Handle $2002.50
180-2X-SWU-RB Rustica Brass Florence Handle $2002.50
180-2X-SWU-SEL Satin Elite Brass Florence Handle $2002.50
180-2X-SWU-SPVD Satin Pvd Brass Florence Handle $2002.50
180-2X-SWU-VB Vintage Brass Florence Handle $2002.50
180-2X-SWU-VNCO Vintage Copper Florence Handle $2002.50
180-2X-AA-CL Charcoal Venice Handle $2203.50
180-2X-AA-GP Green Patina Venice Handle $2203.50
180-2X-AA-PCO Polished Copper Venice Handle $2203.50
180-2X-AA-PG Polished 24K Gold Venice Handle $2203.50
180-2X-AA-SBZ Satin Bronze Venice Handle $2203.50
180-2X-AA-SG Satin 24K Gold Venice Handle $2203.50
180-2X-AA-WH White Venice Handle $2203.50
180-2X-BB-CL Charcoal Genoa Handle $2203.50
180-2X-BB-GP Green Patina Genoa Handle $2203.50
180-2X-BB-PCO Polished Copper Genoa Handle $2203.50
180-2X-BB-PG Polished 24K Gold Genoa Handle $2203.50
180-2X-BB-SBZ Satin Bronze Genoa Handle $2203.50
180-2X-BB-SG Satin 24K Gold Genoa Handle $2203.50
180-2X-BB-WH White Genoa Handle $2203.50
180-2X-CC-CL Charcoal Pompeii Handle $2203.50
180-2X-CC-GP Green Patina Pompeii Handle $2203.50
180-2X-CC-PCO Polished Copper Pompeii Handle $2203.50
180-2X-CC-PG Polished 24K Gold Pompeii Handle $2203.50
180-2X-CC-SBZ Satin Bronze Pompeii Handle $2203.50
180-2X-CC-SG Satin 24K Gold Pompeii Handle $2203.50
180-2X-CC-WH White Pompeii Handle $2203.50
180-2X-DD-CL Charcoal Naples Handle $2203.50
180-2X-DD-GP Green Patina Naples Handle $2203.50
180-2X-DD-PCO Polished Copper Naples Handle $2203.50
180-2X-DD-PG Polished 24K Gold Naples Handle $2203.50
180-2X-DD-SBZ Satin Bronze Naples Handle $2203.50
180-2X-DD-SG Satin 24K Gold Naples Handle $2203.50
180-2X-DD-WH White Naples Handle $2203.50
180-2X-T-CL Charcoal Tuscany Handle $2203.50
180-2X-T-GP Green Patina Tuscany Handle $2203.50
180-2X-T-PCO Polished Copper Tuscany Handle $2203.50
180-2X-T-PG Polished 24K Gold Tuscany Handle $2203.50
180-2X-T-SBZ Satin Bronze Tuscany Handle $2203.50
180-2X-T-SG Satin 24K Gold Tuscany Handle $2203.50
180-2X-T-WH White Tuscany Handle $2203.50
180-2X-U-CL Charcoal Bologna Handle $2203.50
180-2X-U-GP Green Patina Bologna Handle $2203.50
180-2X-U-PCO Polished Copper Bologna Handle $2203.50
180-2X-U-PG Polished 24K Gold Bologna Handle $2203.50
180-2X-U-SBZ Satin Bronze Bologna Handle $2203.50
180-2X-U-SG Satin 24K Gold Bologna Handle $2203.50
180-2X-U-WH White Bologna Handle $2203.50
180-2X-SWU-CL Charcoal Florence Handle $2203.50
180-2X-SWU-GP Green Patina Florence Handle $2203.50
180-2X-SWU-PCO Polished Copper Florence Handle $2203.50
180-2X-SWU-PG Polished 24K Gold Florence Handle $2203.50
180-2X-SWU-SBZ Satin Bronze Florence Handle $2203.50
180-2X-SWU-SG Satin 24K Gold Florence Handle $2203.50
180-2X-SWU-WH White Florence Handle $2203.50

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About the Manufacturer

For more than three decades, Watermark Designs has been a leading manufacturer of decorative plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories, grab bars, shower drains, and elegant hardware for the luxury commercial and residential markets. Based in the independent design hub of Brooklyn, Watermark's designs are a reflection of the creative melting-pot from which we hail.As a true-manufacturer, our distinctive product quality is achieved using a combination of hands-on design and development combined with state-of-the-industry equipment.Combining sustainable product design with an eye towards architectural detail, Watermark has worked with some of the world's finest architects and designers, including the renowned Clodagh Design Studio, INC Architecture and Design, MARKZEFF, and O&G Studio. The ability to customize and create original product collections to meet client's exact specifications has made the Watermark ID program one of the industry's most successful.Watermark Designs' elite collections have been incorporated into some of the world's most exclusive residences, hotels and high-rises including the Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai; Nomad Hotel, New York, NY; and The Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach, FL.Our Brooklyn collection, which was designed in collaboration with INC Architecture & Design has even made its way to the South Street Seaport Museum, where it resides as a timeless piece of art.With our strong commitment to the environment, Watermark Designs aggressively invests in and develops new products with water-saving features while implementing environmentally-safe manufacturing practices.In 2014 we unveiled our newest collection called Elan Vital; a completely customizable collection that hearkens back to New York's industrial days combined with the best current technology.

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Customer Reviews

Great Sink
My family and I just completed a complete kitchen renovation and I got some great new things, but I have to say that this sink may be my favorite (as well as my husband and son's). It's deep, but not too deep. It's very roomy and stylish. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a larger stainless steel sink. I can fit large pans in it, multiple plates, glasses, etc. I can even polish large silver items in it.
Fast Shipping & Friendly Service
Just got my Toto Neorest 550h. Amazing toilet. The prices from Kitchen & Bath Authority were unbeatable and considerably less than I was quoted elsewhere.
Customer service is amazing!
I've gotten great service and quality from kbauthority for several years now, always friendly customer sales people and fast delivery
Best price on delta products fast delivery !
Me and my husband ordered Delta products for two of the bathroom remodels that we are doing ,products arrived in about a week packaged really well and I got the best price possible on the web so very very happy!!! definitely recommend this company to others for any home remodel project
Great Service, quick delivery time and as described.
We ordered two shower doors both came in about a week, the driver allowed us to inspect the products which was in good condition. Overall good shopping experience would recommend this company.
Great place
Got exactly what i needed and came in real fast love this place . Never had a problem on any order.
Just What I Needed
I was looking for a 12" towel bar and all the stores on town only had 18" bars. I went online and found just what I needed at KBAuthority.com, the towel bar arrived through the mail, in less than 1 week, and is exactly what I was looking for.
Robern AIO mirrors
We were looking for Robern mirrors. KB Authority had them for half price. Ordering was easy and delivery was on time, within 2 weeks. We spoke with customer service several times to verify the order was moving along as the ability to follow the progress on line was somewhat limited. They were always very helpful.
2nd satisfied purchase from KBA
some time ago I ordered a shower door and asked for help from cust service which worked out well.I ordered a bath/shower door last week and it arrived super fast and well packaged. I definitely have KBA on my list for future purchases.
Instant Hot, Instant service
Our Franke instant hot gave out on us after 16 years and we had to get a new one. Looked all over for the one we wanted and found it on the KBA website for the best price. Not only was the price right but the service and quick delivery made the difference. I will keep them on my "Favorites" for any future needs.
Great price and service
Excellent customer service, quick order and receiving as promised.
great price and service
I initially had difficulty actually placing my order, however by using the chat, my issues were quickly resolved. I always do a lot of research on price and shipping before buying. KBAuthority was best. I was very impressed on the packaging. There was no way my sink was going to be damaged by mishandling.
Excellent service on sink purchase.
Great selection with excellent prices. Ordered a Franke sink with inserts. Delivered in less than 2 weeks. Happy with purchase. No complaints.
Lowest prices on Hansgrohe
I ordered $1000 worth of bath fixtures from KB. Loved the interactive chat to confirm i ordered all the right parts. Post-sales communication was so-so - I ended up having to call to confirm the ship date - but probably slightly better than expected given prices 5% or more below competitors'.
Best Price on Delta Shower Fixtures
Searched and found this to be best price on Delta venetian bronze shower set for bathroom remodel, even with modest handling fee (which was probably less than the actual shipping cost). No issues with packaging or shipping time.
Great Prices and Customer Service
Ordered a bunch of Hansgrohe stuff for our new home. Their prices were very competitive. We made a few changes throughout the process and customer service was very accommodating.
Great Communication - Best prices - Quick delivery
I ordered a vanity, sink, faucet and other accessories. They had the best prices of any on line seller and no sales tax on the order due to out of state shipping. I estimate I save at least $300 by using KBAuthority. My only issue was with UPS - The weight of the contents was too much for the contents and the box was split open upon delivery - no damage to the contents but a concern.
Fast Delivery
Delivery was fast. I had also sent an email with a question and got a response back the same day. I had forgot to include my coupon code and asked if it could still be used. The representative applied my coupon and adjusted the price. Overall very good shopping experience Thank you!
Second time ordering, same great service
This was my second order with this company, everything arrived on time and packaged well! I have another bathroom remodel and will use kauthority.com for the third time.
I hesitated to make such a large purchase (shower doors) online, but given the same product was available at a handful of retailers I trust for MUCH MORE, I took a breath and trusted this would work out. Being protected by Google helped me make the leap. I'm glad I did. Arrived quickly, all parts intact, and the final product looks perfect in my bathroom. I'm a believer in KBAuthority, and now a returning customer.

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