Nantucket Sinks

Nantucket Sinks

Nantucket Sinks USA provides high-quality kitchen sinks to consumers, and has been for over a decade. The brand has gained a reputation for producing durable, stylish, and functional kitchen sinks that meet the needs of modern homeowners. At Kitchen & Bath Authority, we offer a diverse selection of kitchen sinks from Nantucket Sinks USA. Find the best solution for your home today; then, continue reading to learn more about why we love this brand.


Are Nantucket Sinks Good?

Yes! In fact, kitchen sinks from Nantucket Sinks USA are widely considered to be a superior-quality kitchen plumbing solution and a valuable investment. Why?

Nantucket kitchen sinks are produced from high-quality materials, such as fireclay and stainless steel. These are known for their durability, resisting scratches, stains, and several other forms of damage.

This means that Nantucket sinks endure for years without losing their appeal or functionality. Continue reading to discover some of their most popular models of kitchen sinks.

Nantucket Kitchen Sinks

Nantucket Sinks are designed to be functional and stylish at the same time. The brand offers a wide range of sink styles and sizes to fit different kitchen layouts and design preferences.

Nantucket Sinks Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The Nantucket Farmhouse Fireclay Sink is a popular choice from Nantucket Sinks USA. This style is characterized by its large, deep basin, and apron-front design. The Farmhouse sink is ideal for homeowners who want a traditional, rustic aesthetic for their kitchen.

Nantucket Apron-Front Kitchen Sinks

This Nantucket EZAPRON33 is a retrofitted, stainless-steel apron sink designed to add a farmhouse-style look to your kitchen. This sink is designed to fit into an existing cabinet and countertop, making it an easy way to update the look of your kitchen without having to do a complete renovation.

It features a large, single basin with a depth of 10 inches, making it ideal for washing large pots and pans or preparing food. The EZAPRON33 sink also features a stylish apron front design that adds a classic farmhouse look to your kitchen.

The sink is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions. Its durable construction and large basin make it a practical choice for everyday use, while its elegant design adds a touch of charm and sophistication to any kitchen décor.

Nantucket Sinks, Undermount

Meanwhile, Nantucket Undermount Kitchen Sinks are popular among homeowners who want a streamlined, modern look in their kitchen. These sinks are installed beneath the countertop, which gives the kitchen a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Nantucket Sinks ZR-PS-3620-16 Pro Series

This Nantucket 36-Inch Undermount Prep Station is made from high-quality, 16-gauge 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust. It boasts ample space for prepping food and cleaning dishes; the rear-drain placement improves water drainage and storage space under the sink.

The sink offers several useful features, including:

  • Insulation to reduce condensation
  • A sound-deadening pad
  • Curved corners simplify cleaning
  • Reliable design to endure heavy use.

Overall, this Nantucket prep station is a high-quality sink that is both functional and stylish. It enhances the aesthetics of any decor, while offering many years of service.

Where Can You Buy Nantucket Sinks?

You can buy Nantucket sinks at Kitchen & Bath Authority. Here, you’ll find an expansive, curated collection of the brand’s most impressive kitchen plumbing solutions.

We offer kitchen sinks with diverse installation options, including Apron-Front, Drop-In, Undermount, and Wall Mount. Even better, they can be personalized in several, distinct shapes, such as Circular, Oval, Rectangle, and Square — we even offer Specialty designs!

Customize your sink further with 13 unique finishes. Finally, remember to get the accessories you need, such as:

Find Nantucket Sinks & Accessories at Kitchen & Bath Authority

Nantucket kitchen sinks are known for their reliability, style, ease of installation, and ease of maintenance. The brand provides detailed instructions and support to empower homeowners to install and care for their sinks properly.

Nantucket Sinks USA is a brand that supplies superior-quality, functional, and trendy kitchen sinks that are a valuable investment for any homeowner. Whether you’re a homeowner or a home improver, Nantucket sinks improve appeal and maximize value.
To find the best Nantucket sink for your kitchen, reach out to our team today.