Kitchen Faucets

Are you looking for the perfect kitchen faucet to complete your dream home? Do you want a luxurious, stylish addition that enhances comfort and maximizes the value of your space? If so, then Watermark Designs provides the upgrades that you’re looking for. Better still, they’re a leading manufacturer of high-end kitchen fixtures that are designed to improve the style of any space.
Their faucets are popular among homeowners and design professionals alike for their durability, stunning aesthetic appeal, and innovative features. Fortunately, at Kitchen & Bath Authority, we offer an expansive selection of diverse products from this beloved brand.


Kitchen Faucets from Watermark Designs

Watermark Designs kitchen faucets are beloved by both homeowners and interior designers alike. Their modern designs incorporate classic lines with contemporary touches, creating pieces that stand out without compromising on comfort or function.

Each faucet is made from reliable materials, ensuring strength and longevity even under heavy use. Plus, their unique finishing process ensures that each piece endures for years without fading or peeling away.

In this article, the kitchen decor experts at KB+A reveal the benefits of upgrading your home with Watermark. We’ll describe their Watermark Collection, including a look into specific models as examples of their class.

The Watermark Collection from Watermark Designs

The Watermark Collection from Watermark Designs features fourteen design ranges with a variety of urban styles from world-famous designers. This results in a comprehensive selection of kitchen faucets that are renowned for their superior quality and aesthetic beauty.

From traditional to modern, cutting-edge designs, there’s a perfect faucet for any kitchen decor. Offering both timeless elegance and contemporary style, the Watermark Collection is an ideal choice for homeowners who want to bring out the best in their kitchens.

To see the best that this collection has to offer, let’s take a look at two popular ranges. Why do we love The Watermark Elan Vital 38 and The Watermark Brooklyn 31?

The Watermark Elan Vital 38

The Watermark Elan Vital 38 is a stunning and modern range of kitchen faucets that brings together elements from commercial ball valves, plumbing unions, and aeration pieces. This award-winning design is perfect for creating a minimalistic aesthetic in your kitchen while also offering maximum functionality.

The smooth operation and precise control offered by the valve provides you with complete confidence when cleaning or preparing food in your home. This range features solid construction coupled with an eye-catching appearance, which can be customized to suit your style.

The Watermark Brooklyn 31

The Watermark Brooklyn 31 is a stunning kitchen faucet. It is perfect for homeowners and decorating professionals who appreciate timeless design and luxurious craftsmanship.

This faucet combines smooth lines with a unique, curved spout for an impressive statement piece in any home. Additionally, its solid brass construction ensures long-lasting durability and reliability, making sure you can enjoy it for years to come.

This beautiful faucet also comes with a variety of finishes that complement any home décor theme — from classic polished chrome to modern matte black and everything in between. No matter what style you choose, the Watermark Brooklyn 31 is the perfect addition to your kitchen space, adding both comfort and style in equal measure.

The Heritage Collection from Watermark Designs

The Heritage Collection from Watermark Designs is a unique and stylish collection of kitchen faucets that stands out in the industry. This collection utilizes classic designs and modern technology to create an upscale look that any homeowner would be proud to have in their kitchen.

The Heritage Collection features a variety of finishes, including chrome, brass, copper, stainless steel, and nickel. Its unique design adds character to any kitchen while still offering the convenience of modern faucet technology.

Enhance Your Kitchen with Watermark Kitchen Faucets at KB+A

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to update your kitchen or an interior designer seeking the perfect finishing touch for a client’s home, these faucets combine style and function. With collections ranging from modern, minimalist pieces to classic designs with vintage detailing, there is something to fit any aesthetic.

Their superior engineering ensures long-lasting durability without sacrificing performance. Their wide range of personalization options means that you don’t have to compromise your vision.
To find the best kitchen faucets from Watermark Design, reach out to our team today.