3 Great Bathroom Product Lines to Complete Your Design

When it comes to completing a bathroom redesign, you shouldn’t have to choose between style or functionality. With the right bathroom products, you will get a perfect combination of both attributes. You will have a stylish bathroom that complements the rest of your home decor, while also enjoying the functionality needed to make using the bathroom a true pleasure.

It should hardly come as a surprise, then, that getting great results for your bathroom starts with selecting the right bathroom products. With a bathroom vanity from Chans Furniture or Water Creation, paired with exciting accessories from the Amba Products line, you will have no trouble creating the bathroom of your dreams.

Here is a closer look at just some of what each of these brands has to offer.

Chans Furniture

First established in 1989, Chans Furniture is based out of South Florida and primarily specializes in bathroom vanities and mirrors. Their free-standing bathroom vanities are available in both traditional and contemporary styles, making it easy to find a design that best suits your preferences and available bathroom space.

If you are looking for a traditional bathroom vanity, the Chans Furniture CF-2873W-AW Fiesta 32 Inch Antique White Bathroom Sink Vanity is a great option. The simple carvings of the trim perfectly complement the more intricate design of the moulding to create an antique look. This vanity comes with a white marble countertop with pre-drilled holes for you to install the faucet of your choice. An optional matching mirror and back splash are also available, featuring the same antique design so you can enjoy consistent style.

Another great example of Chans Furniture’s eye for the traditional is the Chans Furniture CF-28885BU Abbeville 46 Inch Distressed Blue Bathroom Sink Vanity. This cottage-style vanity features a shutter-style door that makes it perfectly suited for a beach house or any other home where you want to create a relaxed, laid-back feel. The distressed antique blue finish is especially distinct, though a more subdued beige model is also available.

Of course, if you prefer a bathroom vanity with a more modern flair, Chans Furniture has plenty of options for you, too. The Chans Furniture 7332Q60 60 Inch All-Mirrored Reflection Ashlia Double Sink Bathroom Sink Vanity is a true statement piece. The mirrored finish is comprised of high-quality beveled glass mirrors, which pair perfectly with the Italian Carrera marble counter. The silver base allows the non-mirrored surfaces to blend seamlessly with this unique reflective design.

Modern Chans Furniture vanities are also available with traditional materials. The Chans Furniture Q136-8X Verdana 48 Inch Medium Brown Bathroom Vessel Sink Vanity is made from wood, but utilizes a distinctly modern design. The glass bowl sink uses a faux wood pattern finish to match the vanity construction, while the mounted marble countertop features a honey coloration that pairs perfectly with the vanity’s medium brown finish. The end result is sleek modern elegance that complements a wide range of decor styles. The faucet is included for this piece, making installation even easier.

Regardless of which Chans Furniture product you choose, you can have confidence that it will help you enjoy a low-stress installation. Each vanity comes with a pre-cut back opening for easy access to plumbing, ensuring fast and efficient hookups. With so many styles and sizes to choose from — even corner vanities — you will have no trouble finding the right match for your bathroom.

Water Creation

Water Creation is another popular bathroom vanity brand with a wide range of distinctive free-standing products. In fact, here at Kitchen & Bath Authority, we carry over 500 Water Creation bathroom vanities! Each Water Creation vanity is backed by a one-year limited warranty, and the brand’s faucets come with a lifetime limited warranty. With proper care and maintenance, you can have confidence that their vanities will last a lifetime and that you won’t have to worry about leaks or other design flaws.

As with Chans Furniture, Water Creation offers a wide range of traditional, transitional, and contemporary bathroom vanities. One of their most popular selections is the Water Creation VEL060CWMB00 Elizabeth 60 Inch Double Sink Carrara White Marble Vanity in Monarch Blue. This transitional piece combines solid hardwood and natural marble in a simple yet elegant shaker style design. Soft closing doors and drawers and elegant handles make this vanity a joy to use. Best of all, it comes with two matching mirrors to further complete the look of your bathroom.

Options for even larger bathrooms are available as well, such as the Water Creation Derby72G Derby 72 Inch Cashmere Grey Double Sink Bathroom Vanity. Tempered glass knobs and pulls bring a traditional touch to this transitional piece, which features spacious interior shelves, four functional drawers, and four large doors. The simple inset-panel design of the drawers and doors strikes the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary styles.

Of course, Water Creation vanities are available in much smaller sizes — and in a more traditional design. A great example of this is the Water Creation Greenwich24G Greenwich 24 Inch Grey Single Sink Bathroom Vanity. This compact vanity is perfect for the guest bathroom, but it is still constructed from solid hardwood to ensure enduring quality. The solid brass and cremone bolt hardware provides a unique, antique-style handle for opening the lower doors.

For a contemporary twist on these smaller vanities, you can check out options like the Water Creation Madalyn24E Madalyn 24 Inch Espresso Single Sink Bathroom Vanity. A functional lower drawer paired with open shelving ensures plenty of functionality from this streamlined, modern bathroom vanity. The vanity’s hardware features a chrome finish that offers pleasing contrast against the dark finish of the wood.

Regardless of the style or size that you choose to purchase from Water Creations, you can have confidence that your bathroom vanity will stand the test of time. Water Creations bathroom products are made with kiln-dried hardwood. This prevents the wood from warping or contracting over time, even with continuous exposure to the humid conditions of the bathroom. Similarly, the vanities’ stone countertops are factory-sealed to prevent watermarks and stains. With proper care, your bathroom vanity will look just as good 10 or even 20 years from now as it did the day you bought it.

Amba Products

bathroom products: Amba Products heated towel rack

There is much more to creating a gorgeous, functional bathroom than the vanity. Other products can also play a major role in helping you design a dream bathroom, and this is where Amba Products comes in. Founded in 2004 and based out of Atlanta, Georgia, this company produces several bathroom accessories to create a luxury feel for your bathroom — but none receive greater emphasis than their heated towel racks.

Heated towel racks are a common feature in European bathrooms, but they are still relatively new to the United States. Heated towel racks are a surefire way to improve the overall bathroom experience while introducing a sense of luxury that you would normally associate with a five-star hotel. Their award-winning Italian designs are sure to help you take your bathroom experience to the next level.

Products like the Amba Products RSWH-B Radiant 24 W X 32 H Inch Square Hardwired Heated Towel Rack are wired directly to your home’s power system and use an integrated on/off switch. Its stainless steel finish can reach temperatures of 141 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The addition of a programmable timer can give you even more control over the towel rack’s heating function. 

If you prefer a smaller, more versatile design, the Amba Products J-B0003 B Swivel Jill 25 W X 29 H Inch Plug-In Heated Towel Rack is an ideal solution. The towel rack’s bars can rotate a full 180 degrees, with each bar rotating independently of the others. As a plug-in model, it is also easier to install.

More advanced models are also available, such as the Amba Products KSB-30 Jeeves K 29-1/2 W X 27 H Inch Straight Heated Towel Rack. With 10 straight horizontal bars, this bathroom product has plenty of space for bath towels and hand towels. This model is also compatible with several add-on features for extra functionality, including bathrobe hangers and shelf bars.

The use of a liquid-filled or wire cable warming system allows Amba Products heated towel racks to dry and warm towels in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and more. Rapid drying ensures that your towels won’t develop a musty or moldy smell — a common issue when you leave your towels to air dry. This innovative drying system prevents mildew buildup so that you won’t have to worry about washing towels as frequently. The towel racks themselves are also quite eco-friendly, requiring minimal power to provide heat.

The radiator-style heating system also provides additional heat to the entire bathroom, which can help reduce ambient humidity and maintain warm temperatures during the winter months. UL and ETL safety approvals ensure that the towel racks will provide worry-free function at all times. Better still, a wall-mounted design ensures that they won’t take up much more space than a standard towel rack.

Building the Dream Bathroom With the Right Bathroom Products

bathroom products

When planning for your bathroom redesign, you will need to take the available space and current layout of your bathroom into consideration, as well as how you plan on using the room on a daily basis. You should also decide which style you prefer for your bathroom decor. The better you understand these factors, the easier it will be to choose the right bathroom products for your needs.

Take careful measurements when planning for the installation of a new bathroom vanity. In most cases, it is best to use the size of your current vanity as a guideline. This can facilitate the installation process by ensuring that doors and drawers don’t bump into adjacent features, while also making it easier to match up the plumbing.

In the United States, most homeowners don’t already have a heated towel rack in their bathroom. For these completely new installations (which tend to be a bit larger than standard towel racks), double check measurements for width, height, and depth on product listings. Use a tape measure to help you visualize how much space these items would actually take up in your bathroom. As valuable as certain bathroom products may be, you don’t want to get something that is so large that it makes the bathroom feel cramped or difficult to navigate.

It also pays to only install bathroom products that make sense for how the room will be used. While heated towel racks are an ideal solution for the master bathroom, they may not be necessary in a guest bathroom that is rarely used.

Finally, be mindful of the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve for your bathroom. You should account for both the design style and the colors of your vanities and other bathroom products. While certain styles, like a stainless steel towel rack, can go with most any type of decor, other colors or styles can clash. Of course, you shouldn’t be afraid to replace outdated shower curtains or bath mats if necessary to achieve a better match with your new vanity.

Generally speaking, it’s best to make the vanity the starting point of your overall bathroom design when planning a total remodel. This way, other bathroom features will complement its appearance. If you are only replacing the vanity, consider how it will pair with other design elements, such as a medicine cabinet or shower. Crafting a consistent style will ensure a result that you will be satisfied with in the long run.

Parting Thoughts

No matter which bathroom products seem like they will be the best fit for your home, you can have confidence when you buy from Kitchen & Bath Authority! We offer high-quality bathroom products from Chans Furniture, Water Creation, Amba Products, and more, with many items available at significant discounts off MSRP. Each product line has been thoroughly vetted by our staff to make sure that we only sell the type of products that we would be happy to use in our own homes.

Combined with free shipping, no sales tax, generous financing that will break your purchase into affordable monthly payments, and great customer service, you can have confidence when you buy from our store. Our friendly staff is readily available to answer your questions to help you find the right products to complete your bathroom.

Check back often for more special deals and promotions! With a great selection and affordable prices, the bathroom of your dreams is closer than you might think.

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