Check Out the Exciting Products in the Robern Uplift Tech Line!

Robern has long been associated with providing some of the most luxurious, upscale bathroom products available on the market. As we’ve noted in previous articles, one of the best examples of this comes from the new Uplift Tech medicine cabinet line.

Building on the design principles first introduced with the company’s Uplift cabinets, core features such as USB charging ports, innovative handle and door design, and lighted options make the Uplift Tech line a truly versatile option that fits well in almost any modern bathroom.

Perhaps the most distinctive element of a Uplift Tech medicine cabinet is the door, which opens vertically and holds in position, rather than swinging outward like a standard medicine cabinet door. This feature not only offers a stylish alternative for your bathroom; it also helps you conserve space with a more convenient opening mechanism.

A wide range of sizes and available features ensures that there is an Uplift Tech cabinet perfectly suited for your needs, no matter which bathroom you are currently thinking of upgrading. Here is a closer look at the models currently available in this line through Kitchen & Bath Authority.

Robern UC24276FPNE0N Uplift Tech 24 Inch Non-Lit, Non-Electric Cabinet: The smallest and least expensive of the Uplift Tech models, the UC24276FPNE0N is designed with urban spaces in mind. After all, just because you have limited space, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great style and functionality.

This cabinet size is available exclusively in a non-electric package. However, it still utilizes high-quality materials to deliver great functionality. A mirrored interior ensures that opening the door won’t eliminate your ability to check your reflection. Three adjustable glass shelves, as well as optional glass storage bins, make it easy to customize your bathroom storage as needed. 

For further customization in installation, this cabinet can be surface mounted, recessed, or semi-recessed, ensuring that it can fit almost anywhere.

Robern UC30276FPNE0N Uplift Tech 30 Inch Non-Lit, Non-Electric Cabinet: If you have a little more space available for a medicine cabinet, the UC30276FPNE0N cabinet offers a convenient — though still affordable — upgrade. You won’t find special lighting or electrical features in this cabinet, but you will find a host of minor improvements over its smaller counterpart.

Most notably, this model offers six adjustable glass shelves. One-inch adjustable increments give you plenty of options for configuring the cabinet’s interior. As with all other Uplift Tech models, this cabinet utilizes durable anodized aluminum and glass materials to prevents rust and corrosion. The glass has been salt spray tested to ensure that it meets the ASTM Standard.

Stylish and functional, this cabinet is well-suited for the rigors of daily bathroom use.

Robern UC30276FPNE2N Uplift Tech 30 Inch Non-Lit Cabinet With Electric: The smallest Uplift Tech model to feature electrical integration highlights just how much of a difference these upgrades can make.

This electric cabinet model features an E2 Electric column. This column includes two USB ports in addition to three 120VAC power outlets. This setup is perfect for charging an electric razor, providing power to a hair dryer, or even recharging your smartphone. 

The UC30276FPNE2N cabinet also features a lighted mirrored interior. The interior lighting turns on and off automatically based on whether the door is open or closed. A warm, low-wattage light makes it easier to find bathroom essentials when the room is still dark.

Robern UC30276FPNE4N Uplift Tech 30 Inch Non-Lit Cabinet With Electric, Night Light and Defogger: You don’t have to upgrade all the way to a model with perimeter lighting to enjoy some of the most exciting features available from an Uplift Tech cabinet. The addition of a night light and defogger make the UC30276FPNE4N a great option for your bathroom.

The Uplift Tech night light can be programmed in 12 hour increments, providing a soft light to illuminate the bathroom. This feature is perfect for guiding your steps on a midnight bathroom trip or making it easier to find items in the medicine cabinet.

This cabinet’s defogging tech ensures that you can enjoy a clear reflection the moment you get out of the shower. The Uplift Tech defogger utilizes a 45-minute timer, and is activated with a simple button press. No need to wait for steam to clear out before you can see your reflection.

Robern UC30276RP3E2N Uplift Tech 30 Inch Perimeter Light Cabinet With Electric: The combination of perimeter lighting and electrical connectivity makes the UC30276RP3E2N the part of an ideal setup for getting ready in the morning.

The perimeter lighting on Uplift Tech medicine cabinets utilizes energy efficient LEDs to create a warm, relaxing tone. This LED setup is perfect for task lighting, with flicker-free dimming options allowing you to adjust the lighting from full capacity down to a mere one percent. The system’s standard dimmer works flawlessly with your home’s existing wiring, making it easy to find the perfect brightness for any task.

Robern UC30276RP3E4N Uplift Tech 30 Inch Perimeter Light Cabinet With Electric, Night Light and Defogger: For those who want every feature the Uplift Tech line has to offer but are still relatively constrained with their available space, the UC30276RP3E4N medicine cabinet is the perfect option.

With this Uplift Tech medicine cabinet, you get all the features that make this line a true revolution in bathroom design. Adjustable perimeter lighting, cantilever shelving with adjustable glass shelves, an E4 electric column featuring USB ports and 120VAC outlets, a night light, and a mirror defogger result in a cabinet that is both stylish and functional.

With the addition of a surface mounting kit or semi-recessed kit, you can install this medicine cabinet in any configuration you desire and still enjoy a great look.

Robern UC36276FPNE2N Uplift Tech 36 Inch Non-Lit Cabinet With Electric: With a width of 36 inches, the UC3627FPNE2N is ideally suited for those who want a little extra mirror space in their bathroom. As with other Uplift Tech Electric models, this cabinet utilizes two USB outlets and three 120VAC outlets so you can power your items.

Another key attribute of this and other Uplift Tech models is its modular design. With the assistance of a ganging kit, you can link multiple medicine cabinets together to further expand bathroom functionality. This option is great for creating a “his and hers” medicine cabinet setup, giving you and your partner the ability to adjust your bathroom storage as you see fit.

Robern UC36276FPNE4N Uplift Tech 36 Inch Non-Lit Cabinet With Electric, Night Light and Defogger: The 36-inch line of Uplift Tech cabinets gets a few extra upgrades with the UC36276FPNE4N model, with a night light and defogger making this cabinet perfect for either a master suite or a child’s bathroom.

The night light is housed within the bottom handle of the medicine cabinet, ensuring that this additional feature doesn’t clutter up the cabinet’s clean look. A small, subtle button enables users to turn the light on or off without interfering with the system’s timed program.

Similarly, the defogging device is controlled with the push of a button. The cabinet utilizes a subtle LED indicator light so you know when this feature has been activated. The use of a built-in 45-minute timer ensures that it will shut off automatically if you forget to turn this feature off yourself.

Robern UC36276RP3E2N Uplift Tech 36 Inch Perimeter Light Cabinet With Electric: The combination of perimeter lighting and an E2 electric column greatly enhances the functionality of the UC36276RP3E2N Uplift Tech cabinet. A mirrored interior and adjustable shelving ensure that you won’t have any trouble getting through your morning routine.

The use of LED lights for the cabinet’s perimeter task lighting greatly enhances the energy efficiency of this medicine cabinet. The LED lighting has an estimated lifespan of 53,000 hours — or over 6 years of continuous lighting. Needless to say, these long-lasting bulbs won’t need to be replaced for quite a while.

Robern UC36276RP3E4N Uplift Tech 36 Inch Perimeter Light Cabinet With Electric, Night Light and Defogger: An E4 Electric column, defogging technology, perimeter lighting, and a night light combine to ensure that the UC36276RP3E4N medicine cabinet delivers the maximum in modern features.

This medicine cabinet’s functionality is further enhanced by its impressive durability. Uplift Tech medicine cabinets are built with glass and rust-free anodized aluminum to ensure that they will stand up to the rigors of damp, humid environments. Uplift Tech cabinets are ETL/UL Certified so you can have confidence that they will provide safe, reliable performance in damp conditions.

With this strong background, you can have confidence that your Uplift Tech cabinet is built to stand the test of time.

Robern UC48276FPNE2N Uplift Tech 48 Inch Non-Lit Cabinet With Electric: If you have a larger bathroom counter space, you’ll want a larger medicine cabinet to go with it — and the UC48276FPNE2N fits the bill. At 48 inches wide, this medicine cabinet’s adjustable cantilever shelving is sure to provide plenty of storage space for your bathroom essentials.

Of course, Uplift Tech cabinets are about much more than functionality. They also aim to bring a distinctive modern style to your bathroom. This is one area where you shouldn’t have to compromise, even if your bathroom layout requires that you use a surface mount or semi-recessed installation.

To give your cabinet a complete look in any installation style, side kits and top and bottom kits are available for non-recessed installations. These easy to install kits give your cabinet a stylish finished look on all visible surfaces.

Robern UC48276FPNE4N Uplift Tech 48 Inch Non-Lit Cabinet With Electric, Night Light and Defogger: Added features like a night light and defogger further enhance the convenience that comes from having a medicine cabinet with a fully functional electric column. However, many of the best features of an Uplift Tech cabinet are also the most simple.

This cabinet line’s vertical opening door is the perfect example of how Robern seeks to innovate in the bathroom space. Because the door opens up instead of out, it is easier for recessed cabinets to be installed behind the faucet. The door is further enhanced with a position-hold system that locks the door in place until you need to close it again.

A comfortable handle allows you to open the door with as few as two fingers, ensuring that you won’t smudge the mirror as you lift the door into position.

Robern UC48276RP3E2N Uplift Tech 48 Inch Perimeter Light Cabinet With Electric: The adjustable perimeter lighting featured in the UC48276RP3E2N is perfectly suited for matching your various bathroom activities. This lighting can also enhance the unique finish you choose for your Uplift Tech medicine cabinet.

While Robern Uplift Tech medicine cabinets come with a standard handle finish of anodized aluminum, additional options allow you to match with other fixtures and finishes in your bathroom. Other finish options include matte black, chrome, matte gold, and polished nickel. With five distinct finishes to choose from, you’ll have no trouble coordinating with the rest of your bathroom decor to create a unified look.

Robern UC48276RP3E4N Uplift Tech 48 Inch Perimeter Light Cabinet With Electric, Night Light and Defogger: As the largest model in the Uplift Tech line that also includes all available high-tech features, the UC48276RP3E4N creates the ultimate bathroom experience. The large rectangular mirror allows multiple people to check their reflection at the same time.

While you can certainly use the cabinet’s built-in control options for the perimeter lighting, defogger, and night light, a versatile design allows for even greater adaptation to your lifestyle. Each of these components can be hardwired your residential electrical supply. This allows the night light and defogger to be operated with standard power switches. The task lighting can also be controlled through residential dimmers.

Such versatility defines the entire mindset behind the Uplift Tech line. With the ability to choose the size and features in the configuration that best fits your need, you will enjoy the ultimate in style and functionality.

Find the Right Model

One thing that becomes clear with this overview of the Uplift Tech line is that there are plenty of options available. So how can you determine which model will be the best fit for your bathroom?

Perhaps the best attributes to consider are your bathroom’s size and layout, as well as how you plan to use the bathroom. Start by carefully measuring the bathroom wall above the countertop/sink so you know how much space is available. 

If you are replacing an old medicine cabinet, it may be easiest to simply measure its dimensions and choose a replacement with the same width (for reference, all Uplift Tech cabinets are 27 inches tall and 7 and 1/8 inches deep). 

It may also be helpful to measure the width of your bathroom countertop so you can select a cabinet size that will be a good match.

Your bathroom habits can also help you determine which features are a must-have. For example, a child’s bathroom could especially benefit from a night light — something that some adults may find unnecessary. If your bathroom already has quality ventilation that keeps fogged mirrors from becoming a problem, a defogger may not be necessary, either.

Ultimately, it is up to you to determine which features are must-haves and which ones you can do without. One thing is certain, however: the addition of an electrical column can streamline any morning routine, whether you need to use a hair dryer or simply wish to use your phone to listen to your favorite playlist.

Other Installation Considerations

If you are replacing a pre-existing medicine cabinet, the installation of a Robern Uplift Tech cabinet will likely be much easier. However, the inclusion of key electrical features can add a new dimension to this bathroom upgrade. Be mindful of whether you will need to enlist the help of an electrician to ensure that the new cabinet is safely and properly wired (especially if connecting it to light switches).

When installing a brand new cabinet, you will need to be aware of the space behind the wall. Checking for obstructions such as pipes or electrical wire could very well determine if your new cabinet should be surface-mounted or can be recessed in the wall. Locating studs will also be important in facilitating the installation of your new Robern Uplift Tech cabinet. 

Make Your Pick!

The bathroom may not be the first place you think of when planning to make technology-infused upgrades to your home, but as the Robern Uplift Tech lineup reveals, there’s no reason why this part of the house should be left behind.

With an innovative vertical-opening design, key electrical upgrades, and a classy modern style, a Robern Uplift Tech medicine cabinet is sure to be a dynamic statement piece of your new and improved bathroom.

Here at Kitchen & Bath Authority, we make it easier than ever for you to upgrade your bathrooms with this exciting lineup. We offer Robern Uplift Tech cabinets at deep discounts with free shipping and no tax to help you save on these exciting products.

Now you have all the details — it’s time to make your pick! We look forward to helping you transform your bathroom like never before.

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