What You Should Know About Robern Uplift Tech Cabinets

We’ve written before about the amazing combination of luxury and functionality that you will find in any of the medicine cabinets available from Robern. But pf the many cabinet lines this luxury designer has to offer, few showcase the brand’s ability to transform your bathroom into a gorgeous, modern retreat like Uplift Tech cabinets.

Robern has helped homeowners redesign their bathrooms since 1968, continually offering sleek, cutting edge designs that are further enhanced by superior craftsmanship and quality. The brand’s legacy has been cemented over the years as a premiere designer of luxury bathroom cabinets, vanities, mirrors, and lighting.

First launched in 2009, the distinctive Uplift medicine cabinets have further solidified Robern’s place in the world of luxury bathroom design. Now branded as Uplift Tech, the unique design of these cabinets can completely transform your bathroom, and is something that needs to be experienced first-hand.

So what is it that makes Robern Uplift Tech cabinets so special? Here is a closer look at the features that help these bathroom medicine cabinets stand out from the rest.

Sleek Design

No matter which Robern Uplift Tech model you ultimately choose, there are key design elements that each model shares to ensure that you get an upscale bathroom experience. 

It starts by ensuring that the materials used to construct these cabinets will deliver the performance you need. The glass for these medicine cabinets has been salt spray tested to ensure that it meets ASTM standards. The cabinet frame is constructed from anodized aluminum, allowing it to meet ETL/UL certification requirements for damp locations. You can have confidence that continued exposure to moist, humid conditions won’t cause warping, rusting, or other forms of material deterioration.

The most unique element of Robern Uplift Tech cabinets is their vertical opening style. These space-saving doors slide up rather than swinging out for a distinctly modern look that also enhances bathroom functionality. A lightweight anodized aluminum handle allows users to open the door with two fingers. A position-hold door-opening mechanism keeps the door locked in place while you access your bathroom items. The vertical-open doesn’t just cultivate a modern look. It also improves the overall functionality and accessibility of the cabinet.

The handle allows you to gently lift the cabinet door without touching the mirror, making it easier to keep this part of your medicine cabinet free of smudges. Each cabinet in the Robern Uplift Tech line also includes cantilever shelving with adjustable glass shelves. Adjustments at one or two-inch increments (depending on the model) make it easy to customize your storage space to better suit your needs.

Each Robern Uplift Tech cabinet also includes an interior mirror. This way, even when the door is open, you can check your reflection as you access toiletries and go through your morning routine.

Robern Uplift Tech cabinets are meant to match your available space and design preferences. The cabinets can be mounted fully recessed, semi-recessed, or as a surface mount for whichever look you prefer. Modular design options allow homeowners to gauge cabinets to install additional Robern components to their bathroom setup. Such features make it easy to customize your bathroom design to perfectly match your planned design, regardless of which Uplift Tech model you choose.

Additional Options

Not everyone wants a fully recessed cabinet, but a lack of finishing materials could keep you from attaining that luxury appearance with a surface mount or semi-recessed installation. Robern Uplift Tech side kits and top and bottom kits are ideally suited for finishing the look of your cabinet, attaching easily to the exposed areas so that the entire installation has a clean, upscale appearance.

An anodized aluminum handle comes standard with each Robern Uplift Tech cabinet. However, upgrades are available to help you better coordinate your new cabinet with the rest of your bathroom decor. Additional metal frame finishes include chrome, polished nickel, matte black, and matte gold. 

Other additions can further streamline your morning routine. For example, an optional pull-out magnifying mirror is perfect for tweezing and other tasks that require a closer look. Offering 3x magnification, you won’t have to worry about squinting or getting too close to the mirror to finish your daily preparations. This mirror retracts into the cabinet when not in use, so you can maintain an uncluttered look for your bathroom.

Organizer shelves further enhance your organizational skills, such as the customizable grooming trays and bins that can be inserted in the bottom shelf of the Robern Uplift Tech cabinet. With three different sizes available, these organizer shelves make it easy to sort and store smaller items, such as tweezers, cosmetics, and medicines.

Glass bins are another organizational option available for any Robern cabinet. Ranging in size from a 3-1/4” x 3-1/4” square to 3-1/4” x 8-1/4”, the three available sizes of these glass organizing bins can serve as the perfect way to organize bathroom items while maintaining the clean, modern look of the Uplift Tech cabinet.

If you need to stay connected to the world during your bathroom routine, Robern Uplift Tech cabinets have an available TV mount kit. This will let you save counter space by mounting a television or stereo to the side of the cabinet. The add-on mount can accommodate LCD and flatscreen TVs with up to a 19-inch diagonal screen size. With this extra feature, you will never have to worry about missing the morning news or your favorite show!

Pick Your Favorite

So which Robern Uplift Tech cabinet is right for you? Here is a brief overview of the different models available in the Uplift Tech line.

Lighting and electrical options are a key facet that distinguishes different Robern Uplift Tech models. Whether you prefer a basic cabinet that doesn’t include any lighting features whatsoever, or a fully modern option that includes all the bells and whistles, there is a Robern Uplift Tech cabinet to fit your tastes and budgets.

It all starts with the Robern UC24276FPNE0N. This is the smallest cabinet in the Robern Uplift Tech lineup, with a width of 24 inches and height of 27 inches. Thanks to its compact size, this model is a popular choice for urban areas or guest bathrooms where space is at a premium. As the most affordable Uplift Tech cabinet, it does not come with any of the additional lighting or electronics features that are available in larger models.

The next available size for Robern cabinets have a width of 30 inches, as seen in the Robern UC30276FPNE2N. This cabinet introduces electrical outlets so that you have a convenient location for powering your devices. This cabinet’s E2 Electric setup offers two USB outlets and three standard electrical outlets so you can do everything from charging your cell phone to powering your hair dryer. A discreet cable management system allows you to keep wires hidden to maintain a streamlined look for your bathroom.

All Robern Uplift Tech cabinets that are 36 inches wide or larger feature some type of electrical installation. The Robern UC36276FPNE4N adds a night light and defogger system to the cabinet design. The night light emits a soft glow that makes it easier to navigate the bathroom during the night. It even features interior lighting that turns on and off based on whether the door is opened or shut. This allows you to find needed items without using room lighting. The mirror defogger that also comes with this model enables you to use the medicine cabinet’s mirror, even when steam would normally obscure your view. 

The largest size of Robern Uplift Tech cabinets are available in a width of 48 inches. The Robern UC48276RP3E2N does not come with a mirror defogger or night light, but it offers LED perimeter lighting that surrounds the entire length of the mirror. These energy-efficient LEDs have an estimated lifespan of 53,000 hours. The lighting itself is fully adjustable. It can even be dimmed to one percent capacity when being used as task lighting.

For those who want the ultimate bathroom setup, the Robern UC48276RP3E4N is the obvious choice. At 48 inches wide, this medicine cabinet comes fully equipped with all the features that make the Uplift Tech lineup stand out, even among Robern’s other offerings. LED perimeter lighting, a nightlight, electrical outlets, and a defogger ensure that you have everything you need for a luxurious bathroom experience.

These aren’t the only models available in the Uplift Tech lineup. For the 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch medicine cabinets, electric models are available with (or without) perimeter lighting, defoggers, and night lights. This way, you can select a model that only has the features that you want/need, while still enjoying the luxurious look and unique design options that can be found with a Robern Uplift Tech cabinet.

Which Option is Best For You?

With so many models available, you might be wondering which option will be the best fit for your home. While you should certainly start by considering your own personal preferences for a new medicine cabinet, there are a few other factors that should also play a role as you decide which type of Robern Uplift Tech cabinet is right for your home.

The first factor to consider is the size and layout of your current bathroom where you plan to install the new cabinets. After all, there is a big difference between 24 and 48 inches — you don’t want to get a medicine cabinet that is too wide or too narrow for your space. A cabinet that is too narrow may look awkward or out of place in a larger bathroom unless you use modular attachments to expand the cabinet area. Of course, a cabinet that is too wide may not fit in the available wall space!

While electrical features can be a great addition to your bathroom medicine cabinet, keep in mind that this will add some extra to-do’s to the installation process. If you don’t already have a bathroom medicine cabinet with electrical features, you will likely need to hire an electrician to check out the room’s current wiring and possibly install a new line so that your Robern Uplift Tech cabinet will have the power supply necessary to operate its key amenities. Because this will increase your overall installation costs, you must plan for it as you budget for bathroom renovations.

It can also help to consider which Uplift Tech features you will actually use. For example, if you plan on installing new medicine cabinets in a child’s bathroom, an Uplift Tech cabinet that comes with a nightlight will help your child’s midnight bathroom trips seem less scary. The defogger can be especially helpful in the master bathroom, where you or your spouse may need to get ready for work quickly and don’t have time to wait for the bathroom mirror to defog on its own.

For guest bathrooms that are rarely used by family members, such extra features may not always be necessary. This is especially true of half-bathrooms, which generally only have a toilet and sink. While a medicine cabinet may be helpful in these bathrooms so you can have some extra storage space, a defogger would be completely unnecessary when there is no shower or bathtub present.

As such, you should carefully consider how you, other family members, or guests would be using the bathroom as you decide which Robern Uplift Tech cabinet is the best option. If you are remodeling multiple bathrooms, you may discover that different models are better suited for different areas. 

Preparing For the Installation

Another installation factor to consider is whether you want your Robern Uplift Tech cabinet to be surface mounted, recessed, or semi-recessed. From an aesthetics standpoint, this will directly affect how far out the cabinet extends from the wall. Robert Uplift Tech cabinets project approximately 7-1/8” when surface mounted, compared to a mere 1-5/16” when fully recessed. With an almost 6-inch difference, this could greatly alter your bathroom’s appearance!

There is also a big difference between installing a surface mounted cabinet and a recessed or semi-recessed cabinet. Surface mount kits are relatively easy to install. The kits come with the mounting bars, screws, anchors, clips, and brackets needed for the installation. With a drill and a screwdriver, you can complete the entire process and mount your new cabinet relatively quickly. This can usually be accomplished by most DIY enthusiasts, and is also a great choice when you are working with a tighter budget.

For a recessed or semi-recessed cabinet, however, the installation process is much more complex. Prior to performing the installation, you must inspect the area behind the wall for obstacles such as electrical wires, vent pipes, plumbing, and load-bearing studs. Large obstacles could make a recessed cabinet installation unfeasible for certain areas or require that you hire a contractor to reroute electrical wires and other hazards.

Even if the area is clear of such obstructions, installation will still require some additional work. You will need to cut away the drywall where the cabinet will be installed. You will likely also need to remove part of a non-load-bearing stud so that you have adequate space for mounting the cabinet. Most recessed and semi-recessed cabinet installations also require that you create a wood frame using 2x4s that have been cut to length.

Several additional tools are needed for a recessed or semi-recessed installation, including drywall knives, oscillating tools, stud finders, construction adhesive, and possibly even a handsaw. If you don’t already own these tools, obtaining and learning to use this equipment could prove to be a challenge in and of itself.

Because of the complexity and potential hazards of installing a recessed or semi-recessed cabinet, most homeowners prefer to hire professional contractors to handle this part of the bathroom upgrade process. If you are remodeling the entire bathroom, new cabinet installation can (and should) be included in your overall quote. However, if you are only replacing the cabinets, you should get estimates from multiple contractors to find the best fit available.

Do More With Robern Uplift Tech

When it comes to medicine cabinets, you can stick with something basic. Or you can go for a high-end option that allows you to more fully integrate your bathroom routine with tech devices and other modern luxuries.

The great thing about the Robern Uplift Tech series is that you can get something at either end of this spectrum. However, regardless of whether you prefer something basic or want the fully modern experience, you will enjoy the distinct style, versatile performance, and durable design of the Uplift series. 

Whether you want to turn your master bathroom into a luxurious getaway or simply upgrade the guest bathroom in preparation for hosting friends or family, Robern Uplift Tech cabinets will prove a great way to get the results you need. 

Here at Kitchen & Bath Authority, we offer a fantastic selection of Robern Uplift Tech medicine cabinets with deep discounts you won’t find anywhere else. Choose your favorite today, and you will be one step closer to creating the bathroom of your dreams!

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